I’m Rosie Nguyen, aka rosieeats. I’m pretty sure I started the trend of having “eats” after your name before it became cool on instagram by all the self proclaimed foodies. I am a baker, cook and a registered nurse in Washington, D.C. I moved from Philly to D.C seven years ago to start working as a pediatric nurse. I cooked and baked in order to easily make and retain friends. Well, it worked and my now awesome friends are the motivation behind creating this blog (which is old and not updated, don’t judge me now). Things progressed to a very close casting on Masterchef, 2 youtube videos, side hustle of dessert/event catering, jobs as a prep/cook in a ramen restaurant (Toki Underground) and a baker/assistant pastry chef in a cafe/restaurant (Maketto). I even worked as the head chef on a resort in Costa Rica for vegetarian yogis. My story is just getting started, stay tune 🙂